2. Trekking one of the most interesting activity while you are in Munduk BaliDue to its central location all activities of Meme Surung Homestay in and around the village can be easily accessed. For instance the traditional local market or the main road with all its small shops, warungs and cafes.

Also the different trekking routes are very easy to access with destinations like rice fields, waterfalls or plantations. Along the route you will discover colourful flowers and various fruits.

All our activities are highly community-oriented. Our staff is only recruited from our local community and are happy to offer you the following activities:

  • Trekking – various routes and levels of difficulty
  • Class of making an offering – Hindu tradition to worship the Gods
  • Temple visit – get an insight of Hindu spirituality. Please respect that you are only allowed to enter our temples with a traditional sarong. Our staff will help you.
  • Visit the local, traditional market of Munduk community
  • Balinese & Indonesian Language Course
  • Traditional Massage
  • Cooking class
  • Penjor Class – decoration of a big bamboo stick with palm leaves for special ceremonies
  • Visit the Giant Bunut Tree – feel the unique atmosphere of the 700-year-old historic tree at our neighbour village Gesing


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