Dutch family vacation in Munduk Village around 1930 If you stay at Meme Surung Homestay, you will stay at a place, which is full of history with a special pioneering spirit. That is why we protect the charming Dutch-Malay style houses the way they are.

About 200 years ago the area of Meme Surung Ho1. Meme Surung and Her beloved husbandmestay was the spot, where the first settlers arrived. They came from Klungkung, which is located in the eastern part of Bali, to find a better soil.

Back in those times, Bali existed of different kingdoms. The settlers were of royal blood. When they arrived to this area, they gave up all their royal titles and became regular farmers. Because this former unsettled land, except a small group of indigenous people, belonged to the kingdom of Gobleng. The community grew around that piece of ground of what is today Meme Surung Homestay.

In the beginning of the 19th century, the farm houses were renovated into in what is now the Dutch-Malay style houses. The houses were built in a colonial and traditional architecture and were used as a holiday destination for the Dutch, to find refreshment in the mountain climate.2.Mrs. Yodani daughter of Meme Surung dance for Indonesian first President in 1955

One of the houses of the homestay (Number One) belonged to the former first Head of the village. The original name of the village was ‘Catur Desa’. At that time it was a union of the four villages, which are today known as Gesing, Munduk, Gobleg and Umajero.

The first Head of Catur Desa was a very innovative personality. He had the idea to create a canal, which provides drinking and irrigation water to the village from the nearby Red Coral Waterfall.

The family of Meme Surung are still staying at the homestay already since many generations. Meme Surung was a very strong woman with a great and warm heart. This place is named after her to honour her.We invite you to enjoy her warm and strong spirit in our homestay.